Friday, December 12, 2008

An Unlikely Story

Today was an unlikely story. For four hours, Brian, Cecelia, Lauryn, Lauryn's mom, and I sat in a hospital room crying, laughing, sharing stories, and discussing how I should style Cecelia's hair when she's older! From the outside looking in, I can imagine that it may seem awkward, but it was beautiful.

At one point, a nurse walked into the room. The nurse asked Lauryn how she was doing, and Lauryn introduced us as Cecelia's parents. The nurse looked at Lauryn, glanced at us, and tried not to show surprise. We proceeded right back into our story and laughter. As the nurse was leaving, she glanced over her shoulder, smiling.

Our time with Cecelia's birthfamily today was time that we will cherish forever. For Cecelia to look at this picture and hear of the time we shared with her birthfamily today--oh, it brings such joy to my heart.


  1. Aleisha, I am so glad to have re-found you after all this time! Adoption is such amazing parents had actually started the process, and found out that like you did, that they were pregnant (with me) shortly takes special people to do such an awesome thing! I teared up reading your blog tonight...thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings! Miss you!

  2. Just a comment about the hair... we've found Carol's Daughter products to be the BEST. They're all natural and smell like heaven. Check out the website... our faves are Hair Milk, Black Vanilla Leave-In conditioner, Rosemary Mint Shampoo, and the Almond Cookie Shea Souffle moisturizer. All smell like HEAVEN! Nothing but the best for your baby girl! Smile. Karen