Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Cecelia Story

I have so many things that I want to blog about, but there is just not enough time. Here's a quick Cecelia story though. She's not a baby any more!

Cece: Mommy, Tan (can) I watch a movie?

Me (pausing to think): Yeeess, you may.

Cece: Tan (can) I watch it on the big TV?

Me: No, you may not.

Cece: Why, Mommy?

Me: Because I don't want to watch, Sid (Sid the Science Kid), Honey. You can watch it in the guest bedroom.

Cece (leaves for a few minutes, returns with Sid DVD case in hand): Mommy, it says right here on the back that you hafta (have to) watch this movie on the big TV. You tan't (can't) watch it on the guest bed.

Me (laughing): I don't think it says that, Cecelia.

Cece: Yes, it do.

Needless to say, she did not watch it on the big TV.