Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adoption: Letter to Charlotte Christian Community

This is our first entry to The Stephens' Blog. So many of you have requested updates, so we just decided to join the world of blogging. Just to get everyone caught up, I'll (Aleisha) share the letter that I sent to the Charlotte Christian School community:

I am writing to share the testimony of God’s genius in “working all things together for the good”. More than a year ago, I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit with other Charlotte Christian faculty and staff. It was at this conference that God started stirring my heart toward adoption. In January of last year, my husband, Brian, and I started filling out adoption paperwork. As is the story for so many in the adoption process, in February, we found out we were pregnant. But as many of you know in April, I had a miscarriage. Brian often comments on how he was personally touched by how much love and support we felt from the Charlotte Christian family during that difficult time.

In July, after allowing time for our hearts to heal, we began the adoption process again. Since then, we have been in the process of filling out paperwork for an Ethiopian adoption. A few weeks ago, our adoption agency presented us with a need right here in North Carolina. In a frenzy, we got a profile (a scrapbook of our lives) together, which is part of the domestic adoption process. Then on Monday, Nov. 10, a birthmother chose us to be parents. The baby is due Dec. 3! I think it goes without saying that we are a little overwhelmed, but we are so overjoyed at this incredible outpouring of God’s grace.

As of now, I plan to take off 12 weeks for maternity leave. I will continue to work until the baby arrives and then Mrs. Dawn Craddock will pick up the remainder of my freshman writing class. My lower and middle school duties will be distributed among co-workers.

Brian and I ask that you would pray for us during this exciting, but overwhelming time—specifically for the health of this little one. In addition please pray for the final stage of the adoption process. In the state of North Carolina there is a seven day revocation period, meaning a birthmother has seven days after the baby is born to change her mind. With that said, Brian and I are walking in faith, holding on for dear life to our gracious Lord, trusting that He is with us no matter what. We are honored to walk this walk with brothers and sisters like you by our side.

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