Saturday, November 19, 2011

Schedule at Six Months Old

Several weeks ago, I posted "the schedule" for the boys when I was in the hospital with them. Oh, how things have changed. I have waited a long time for the "four hour schedule". Today, I was working on writing up the directions for taking care of my three kids. Yes! It's really happening; Brian and I are getting away, and Hayley (with the help of her family) is watching all three kids for two nights! I mean, I just can't express how amazing this is.


Change diapers and get dressed
Awake time

Boys down for a nap

Change diapers
Awake time

Lunch for Cece

Put Cece down for a nap 
Boys down for a nap

*This is an amazing part of the day--two hours where all three kids are napping!

Change diapers
Awake time

Wake up Cece if she’s not already up

Boys down for a “cat nap”
Wake up boys if not already up



Boys down for the night

Cece down for the night

While the four hour schedule really is wonderful, when it's all written out, I'm like, whew! Next time, Brian asks, "what's your plan for the day?" I'm going to email him this (with a lot more details--like laundry, cooking, working, etc. Just didn't think all of you needed that information). 

Friday, November 11, 2011


I am no master by any means, but I have been practicing for awhile. When Cece was just a year old, we took her to this African braiding shop in Denver. The woman took one look at this JCrew White Girl and took me for a ride. I specifically asked for a style that was age appropriate. Well, she put in these little tiny braids (that were super cute), but now, after all my education about hair, I know they were very damaging to my baby girl's hair! She also charged me way too much. Then, I moved to Czech, and well, I had to figure it out for myself. Thanks to some really great blogs, I started to learn some things. Like, toddler hair is too fragile for small cornrows. Well, now Cece's hair is strong enough to handle some smaller cornrows, not tiny braids, but small cornrows. It's not perfect, but . . . . IMG_4804 IMG_4808 IMG_4813

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am so excited about what our church here in Frydlant is doing, and Cece and I got to go check it out last Thursday night.

Several years ago, Josiah Venture started a ministry to reach out to unchurched youth through a network of evangelistic rock/gospel choirs and performing arts groups called “Fusion”.  

Our church here in Frydlant now has a Fusion group. My dear friend, Lauren, is leading the choir. There was so much energy in the room when we were there. I just love this. It's really a brilliant idea. It provides an opportunity for students to be a part of something--a group of young people learning to perform together.  In the context of working together to become a performing arts group, Christian youth and Christian leaders are able to build real relationships with non-Christians and show them the love of Christ.  

Cece has been singing the songs all week.



Thursday, November 3, 2011

Schedule One Week Old

The boys are six months old now, and I'm already forgetting things, but I have a little more time, so I decided to post some of what I do remember, now.

Recently, I came across a note that I had on my phone from when I was in the hospital with the boys. Because they were so tiny, I had to feed them separately. They also weren't latching well, but I needed to try, so I would nurse one, then, supplement with a bottle, nurse the other, supplement, and then pump, so I had milk to give in the following supplements.

Here was the schedule:
5:15am Alex 6:00 Gabe
7:30am Alex 8:00 Gabe
10:30am Alex 11:00 Gabe
1:00pm Alex 1:30 Gabe
4:00pm Alex 4:30 Gabe
6:30 Bath
7:00pm Alex 7:30 Gabe
10:00pm Alex 10:30 Gabe
2:00am Alex 2:15 Gabe

These are some pictures from that time (Alex and Gabe):



I still can't believe they were that tiny, and I can't believe that was the schedule.