Friday, December 19, 2008

Guys aren't used to this

Wow, Monday was the last time we posted. We need to keep up on this thing!

There have been times this week when I have felt absolute exhaustion both physically and mentally. And it isn't from lack of sleep (Cece has slept great and Aleisha has been amazing). It is just that this whole thing has required a faith and trust in God that I have never needed to tap into before. I have run through emotions, feelings, highs, lows, love, and worry that my body isn't used to.

Last night (after a few hours of installing shelving in the nursery), I just laid on my back next to my dog and let my body and mind stop for a few minutes. Cece was sleeping a few feet away and I could hear her heavy breathing (some call this snoring, but that word doesn't fit my beauty). And I just let it sink in that she deserves every ounce of me and has shifted and opened spots in my heart that I didn't know before.

These past few months have been... really, is there a word to describe it. But as I stand here right now, I am in awe at how close I am to my wife. Aleisha and I have not always been at our best in these weeks, but our marriage is stronger today for having walked this road. I have learned what it means to protect my wife and I have watched her love me in exactly the ways I need. We have held each other through this process and have learned a reliance that could not have been taught any other way. We will be better parents because of this journey.

My favorite image is thinking of Cece snuggling her cheek close to Aleisha. We are starting to bond and that feels so very good...


  1. Awww that's a beautiful image: Aleisha and Cece cheek to cheek! Very sweet post!

  2. I am so delighted for you all. What a beautiful, precious child to bring such joy (and worry and stress, etc.) into your lives. Blessings, Lyric H.

  3. CeCe is blessed to have parents like you. I have a feeling that God has blessed you more than you could ask or think according to Eph. 3:20. I can imagine that you sometimes want to pinch yourself because you want to make sure this is not a dream, especially the way God brought everything together for you. May God bless you both for your love and devotion to him and your love for CeCe. Love James