Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Lake

One of my (Aleisha's) favorite places on earth is a little lake in central MN called Dade. My aunt and uncle live on this lake, and they live eleven (if I remember right, I timed it) minutes away from my parents. So that means, on a warm summer day (I didn't say hot because it only took warm), my brothers and I would hop in the car and in eleven minutes, we essentially had our own private lake! Mind you, it is smallish, but we were able to everything we needed to: swim, water-ski, slalom, dive, jump off the dock, fish, and skinny-dip (my cousin Melanie and I that is--it would make our brothers so made because we really were hogging the whole lake then!).

Well, this summer, I got to bring Cece into the lake! It is an amazing thing to share what you love with your child. I just didn't know how much I would love it. She's kind of young, so she didn't get to experience the whole of it, but she did get a taste (and I mean, literally!).