Thursday, December 29, 2011

smile for the camera!

I seriously don't know what happened, but in the last week, whenever you pull out the camera, Gabe starts laughing--the cutest laugh you've ever heard, and Alex gets the biggest grin on his face. Oh, I love my boys! Here's Alex (gotta love the drool) with Cece, who has lost interest in the camera!   IMG_4976



Saturday, December 17, 2011

not quite what Cece thought

We took all the kids to the Ostrava Christmas market today. Cece saw this ride, and she got really excited to go on it. It was 20 kc, which is like one dollar, so we, as her parents, were like, "sure"! Her reaction was priceless!

Brian putting Cece on the ride: IMG_4934

Cece's anticipatory look:

Her fake smile:

The boys waiting for her: IMG_4939

Brian realizing this is not going to go well: IMG_4945

All of the sudden, we hear, "I want out!": IMG_4946

This is her on the word, "out": IMG_4948

Here she is really happy on solid ground feeding a goat! IMG_4954

(She did finish the ride; took some parental cheering her on, high fives, and jumping around, but she made it.)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's hard to believe this is our second Christmas in the Czech Republic. I was just talking to a friend tonight about how much we really do love it here. However, we continue to feel far away from those of you whom we love so much. We would sure love to have you here this Christmas!

Since that is not possible, we decided to take you on a walk with us through our town of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí. Watch our video, see where we live, and hear about our ministry and life here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the twins: they are so different


For about a week after I found out I was having identical twins, I was really creeped out. I kept imagining these two identical children running around, acting exactly the same. Maybe it was pregnancy hormones, but the idea of having two children who were exactly the same was a little scary to me (and yes, I did worry that I wouldn't be able to tell them apart, and no, that has never happened).

While the boys are similar in a lot of ways, I just love how different they are. They don't look exactly the same, which I really love. Besides, Alex being a little smaller, they both have slightly different features, and they each have their own personalities. I wish I could capture more of who they are in videos and pictures. Here's a little snap shot.

Alex is army crawling, and he's very determined. He sees what he wants, and he scoots himself over there (meanwhile, Gabe gets mad because he doesn't move quite so well). Alex has already had three black eyes (one from when Gabe kicked him in the face, but the other two were because he was so into what he was playing with that it bonked him in the face). Alex loves toys with noise. He is also a little sensitive. He gets tired easily, and if he doesn't sleep well, then, he doesn't eat well. He's also a bit of a mamma's boy. There are times when I look over at him, and he's just smiling away at me. Brian always gets a little jealous. If I put Alex in my lap, he just settles right in!

While Alex is a bit of a mamma's boy, Gabe is more like, "hey mom, what's up!" The child winks at me (with both eyes), I swear. I will look over at him, and say, "Hi Gaber!" He gets all excited, and then, "winks". He is a little bit more laid back than his brother. The kid fake cries too; I'm not kidding. He squints up his eyes and tries to force a sob-story (Alex cries for real). Gabe is a snuggler--head on your shoulder, thumb in his mouth. And, his checks, oh my goodness, they are just so kissable!

Then, there is the diva of the family who just turned three. Oh, my goodness! If I was "good", I'd save this picture, but I can't help myself, I just have to share it now! More on her third birthday to come, but here's a picture of her (props to Claire for taking such an amazing pic) on her special day that I think belongs in a magazine (or wherever it is the most amazing pics end up these days).


For someone who waited so long and went through a few significant scares, I just love my kids. But, I am so sure that no matter what your story is, you just love your kids too, and that's right and good.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


My family is not the family that I imagined when I was a young girl "planning my family". That's just true, but oh, how thankful I am--like moved to tears thankful for the family that I have been blessed with. One thing that was really a huge part of my growing up is my own siblings. I love my brothers, oh so much. I can't force my own "things" on my kids, but moments like this literally overcome me!

(Cece and Alex):