Monday, December 10, 2012

cece is four!

Four years ago today I started this blog because of Cecelia. My first post was the day she was born. At four something in the morning on December 10, 2008, Brian and I got a phone call from Cecelia's birth-grandma saying that we had a baby girl. We went to the hospital later that morning to meet her.

(The funny thing to me about this picture is the way I look. I won't post a comparison from after I delivered the boys). 

Her first birthday was our very last day living in Charlotte, NC. 

Her second, third, and now, fourth birthdays have all been in the Czech Republic.

This weekend, we had a birthday party for her and took her ice skating for the first time. 

Then, we went to a near-by cafe for cake (and hot chocolate, in Cece's case, as you can see from the pictures).

And, here is my little girl this morning, on her birthday. She makes me laugh and thank God every day!