Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sleeping Through the What?!

Sleeping through the night.

It's like pretty much my ultimate goal. (And, please, please resist the urge to tell me to enjoy those "precious middle of the night feedings". If you love them, great; I don't. I like to have my precious times during the day.)

When Cece started sleeping through the night, I remember it felt so great. I was so excited, and it was pretty uneventful. It just happened one night. I'm not even totally sure what week it was, but I think I considered her completely sleeping through night before she was 12 weeks old.

Well. I've begun to realize that it will look a little different with three kids. Here was my night:

3am: Hear Alex. He's not crying, just making noise.
3:20am: I hear sucking; oh, no, Alex broke out of his swaddle.
3:30am: Having an inner conversation about my love/hate relationship with swaddles.
4:00am: Still hearing Alex. Thinking I should just go re-swaddle him, but then nervous that might really wake him up.
4:20am: Decide it's really silly to lay there awake; go and re-swaddle Alex.
4:30am: Re-swaddling worked; I don't hear Alex.
5:00am: Alex wakes up. Decide to give him his pacifier, but worry that might be selfish.
5:20am: Alex is sleeping. Tell myself that if he was really hungry, he'd be awake and crying.
6:00am: Hear Alex crying. Decide to feed him. Gabe is still sleeping. For the first time, decide NOT to wake up Gabe.
6:05am: Hear Cece. Go in her room. Sing a not so sweet version of Jesus Loves Me. Tell her it is NOT time to wake up.
6:15am: Feed Alex. Put him back to bed.
6:30am: Hear Cece. Go in and sing an abridged version of Jesus Loves Me.
6:45am: Wonder when Gabe is going to wake up.
7:00am: Start to hear Gabe.
7:05am: Give Gabe a pacifier.
8:00am: Feed Gabe and Alex (this is the time I want their day to start).

So, technically, Gabe slept through the night. He made it until 8am (with a little help). Whew. Sure doesn't feel like he did!

Not every night is like this! Some nights I sleep, hear someone crying around 4 or 5am, get up, feed them, and go right back to bed. Some nights, Brian does that feeding. I just think it's a little ironic that Gabe's best night was not my best night!

In all seriousness, the boys are doing incredibly well. They are 13 weeks old (7 weeks, adjusted age). Just had a visit to the doctor yesterday. Gabe weighs in at 11.5 lbs, and Alex weighs 9.5 lbs. They are doing so well.

Here are some pics I just took today! Enjoy (Alex on left; Gabe on right).