Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Funny Cece Quotes

Last weekend, Brian was getting ready to leave for Prague.

Brian: I haven't eaten lunch yet, but we'll probably just stop at McDonald's
Cece: Come with you, Daddy?
Me: No, Cece you're not going this time; you're staying home with me.

5 minutes later.

Brian: Okay, good-bye Ladies; I'm leaving.
Cece: Good-bye, Lucky! (But, we didn't quite understand, "Lucky")
Me: What are you saying, Cece?
Cece: Good-bye, Lucky!
Me: (Laughing) Why are you calling Daddy Lucky?
Cece: Because him going to McDonald's!

Fair enough.

The other night when I was not home--I was at language.

Brian: Cece, do you want me to read you a book?
Cece: Yes.
Brian: Which one?
Cece: Please Baby Please.
Brian: Okay, go find it.
Cece: (Searching through the book bin . . . searching . . . searching) Where are you, stupid thing? (Sigh--a Jennifer Gaalswyk/Aleisha Stephens' sigh.) Stupid thing.

I really do try hard to speak nicely; I can relate to Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) when she says, " but if you knew all things I want to say, but don't. Give me some credit."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Weeks and MRI

Here's our latest e-mail update:

Dear Friends and Family,

This Thursday, I will reach 30 weeks. 11 weeks ago, at week 19, I had laser ablation surgery to save the lives of our twin boys. As the weeks go by, some of the urgency that we were feeling 11 weeks ago goes away, but certainly we have not forgotten the seriousness or our situation. Tomorrow, we have an MRI. This will tell if the twins have any brain damage as a result of TTTS. We will get likely get those results next week.

Please pray that we would continue to be strong, to have great hope, and to be faithful to Christ no matter what. Please pray that these baby boys would not be born too early and that they would be healthy.

32 weeks is a the next "big hurdle". We are so very close!

Thank you, again, for all your love and support. We have experienced Christ's love through His people in deep ways; we are so grateful!

Much love,
Aleisha (for all of us)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian; 29 Weeks

First, it's been awhile since we gave an update. That's because we want to do a one-year in Czech update video, which we are working on. So stayed tuned, but as far as the twins go: I am 29 weeks this week. 28 weeks was a big hurdle. The boys have a really great chance now if they come; although, it's still really early, so keep praying they stay where they are! My next appointment is this Thursday.

Now, about Brian and his birthday:

In 2002, A Walk to Remember came out.

I saw it in the theater, twice! That's a tad bit embarrassing. I also read the book, after I saw the movie. If I watched it today, I might throw up! To say that I was a hopeless romantic is probably too strong, but for sure, I had some unrealistic or misconstrued ideas of romance.

At first thought, I wouldn't describe Brian as a "romantic":). Don't get me wrong, I would say a lot of amazing things about him, but "romantic" isn't the first adjective that comes to mind.

Yesterday was Brian's birthday. What happened yesterday sort of epitomizes what I am experiencing this year that is totally redefining romance for me.

It's no secret that this has not been an easy pregnancy for us. While we continue to live by faith and with a great amount of hope, I would be lying if I said I never worry. Yesterday was one of those days--not long after Brian left for the office, I started to get light-headed and dizzy. Mostly, out of concern for poor Cece if her mother passed out, I called Brian. He immediately came to work from home, he really didn't let me do anything all day, he took care of Cece, he talked me out of two emotional break downs, and he made his own birthday dinner!

Yesterday did not go as planned--I wanted it to be "all about Brian", but it wasn't. So, I just wanted to post this, so Brian, mostly, would know how great I think he is and to know that he should be celebrated!

I often wonder if the 20 something Aleisha would have understood all this--maybe. I'm not sure though. Oh, how thankful I am that Brian "walked" into my life and taught me a thing or two about "romance". Happy birthday, Brian; I sure love you!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Price of Beauty

3 movies watched, 1/2 a thing of pretzels eaten, 3 times letting the dog out, 20 minute temper tantrum, 2 consequences, 9 cornrows, 3 hours from start-time to finish-time, and I got peed on during the temper tantrum, but...




it's worth it!