Thursday, May 27, 2010

America's Next Top Model?

I just realized that I never posted these pictures that were taken like two months ago, which is hard to imagine that it's possible to have had pictures from here that were taken two months ago. Whew. Time is flying.

Anyway, Cece spent a lot of time with Hannah and Hayley Ellenwood while I was unpacking our house back in March. One time, and I repeat one time, she watched some America's Next Top Model with them. Like, it was on at their house while she played.

Well, soon after that, she was playing with some dress up clothes that I had unpacked and put in a special basket in her room. She looked so cute, I got the camera out, and she started posing, and I mean posing! I was in shock. I immediately text Hannah to ask if she taught her how to pose, and Hannah had no idea what Cece was even doing. She picked it up all on her own--maybe with a little help from America's Next Top Model. Hmmm . . . not sure what to think of that.

I just can't believe I forgot to post them!






Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cece's Friends

Last week, we were a part of the Josiah Venture Spring Conference. Our hearts are full of things to share, so we're going to put an update video together soon. Until then, we want to share some new (and "old") friends:

Katka, from the Czech Republic (Cece can say her name clearly; LOVE it!):

"Uncle" Mel (Ellenwood)--we love the Ellenwoods, but you know that:

Kate, a missionary kid living in Ukraine:

Jillian (Carlson), whom you've seen several times on this blog:

Sarah, from Arizona, who came to serve and help take care of the kids at the conference:

Brittany, a missionary in Ukraine, who loves to dance too!

We just love our friends!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Something to Aspire to . . .

Today, Brian, Cece and I had the honor of attending a baptist at a church in Český Těšín‎, about thirty minutes away from where we live. The Ellenwoods, whom you've heard a little bit about, attend that church. Hayley and Noah, their youngest children, were baptized today. As I sat watching those two American missionary kids among about ten other Czech and Polish Christians sharing their testimonies and desire to get baptized, I could not help thinking--this is what I aspire to. Mel and Amy Ellenwood have been serving with Josiah Venture for over ten years, and their youngest children were being baptized in the church that Mel and Amy began attending and partnering with all those years ago. And, their children were being baptized among a minority of Eastern Europeans who hear about the love of Christ and decide to proclaim their commitment to follow Him publicly. I'm not sure what the future holds, but it sure gave me a real picture of why we are here, and a desire to really live like those that have gone before me!

Mel and Amy are in front, and their daughter Hayley is third in from the left, and Noah is on the far right.