Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update Post Precedure-email 3

Hi everyone. This is Brian. I wanted to give you all a quick update on how things went today.

The doctor's flight landed at 11:00 and Aleisha was in the operating room at noon. At 12:30, Dr. Deprest came to see me and said everything was done and went very smoothly. He made it seem like he was just in the other room brushing his teeth!

Aleisha was awake during the procedure and heard them as they easily split 4-5 veins. While our boys had been sharing the same placenta, after today they will each essentially have their own placenta to grow with. Tomorrow and Monday we will have ultrasounds to determine whether the procedure was a success. What we are praying for is that the donor baby (smaller one) begins to urinate. This will be a very good sign. And now that the recipient donor has less fluid and is not receiving from the donor, his heart no longer needs to work as hard - this is a good thing since the doctors said he is really the sicker baby right now.

Aleisha also had 2.5 liters of amniotic fluid removed during the procedure. This is an indication of just how much excess fluid there was and how far this had progressed. She feels a huge release of pressure on her belly.

The next two days are important, and we ask you to pray that these two boys would adjust well and that we would go home with hope. This procedure results in an 85% chance that one of the babies will survive and 50-60% chance that both will. But we know that God extends beyond these numbers, and we are praying that every step from here forward would be steps of health for both of these boys.

Thank you for standing with us.

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