Saturday, January 8, 2011

Prayer for our Boys - email #1

Dear Friends and Family,

We are writing to you tonight in need of your prayers.

I (Aleisha) had a routine doctors appointment (19 weeks) that led to the discovery of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Brian and I are still unclear about what all that means, but we were told by the doctor here that the prognosis, in my case especially, is not good.

My appointment today was a difficult one. A dear friend came with me and was crying as she was translating what the doctor was saying in Czech. I tried my best to ask as many questions as possible, but there are still some unknowns. The doctor is sending the results and measurements of my ultrasound to a specialist who will be contacting us tomorrow. We will see that specialist early next week and are sure to know more then.

Here's what we know now. One of the babies is growing faster than the other (about two weeks ahead of the other). The twins are identical, so they share the same placenta. They each have their own amniotic sack, but one of the twin's amniotic sack is significantly smaller than the other one. There is a procedure that is commonly done in this situation; however the location of my placenta makes the procedure even more of a risk than normal.

Also, this afternoon, on a less crucial, but still discouraging note, we found out that our landlords are hoping to sell the house we are renting. They have a buyer in mind. This could mean that we would need to find a different living situation by the end of March.

In our bible study this week, we studied Mark 9. The disciples tried unsuccessfully to drive out a demon from a boy. Jesus arrived on the scene, focused on the battle with the demon, and the boy was delivered. Surely, there is so much to learn from this passage. However, through our discussion, what hit me the most is the need to stand firm against attack. I know that can sound cliche. It can also be hard to define what that means in individual situations. However, for me today, one thing that I am standing firm against is the temptation to believe that we are not supposed to be here in Czech. I am not believing that. I know we are supposed to be here. I'm not sure why all of this is happening, but I am praying for strength to continue to stand firm.

Please pray with us! One of the most difficult decisions we are facing is whether to continue to receive care here in Czech or to go back to the states. I'm sure that's hard for some of you to understand. Please know that we are continuing to gather information from trusted doctors in the states to help us navigate that.

Like never before--thank you for standing with us!

Aleisha (for all of us)

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