Thursday, December 24, 2009

The "Ten" of Us

Dave, Jen, Aleisha, Joel, Rollie, Neal, Kathy, Melanie, Mark and Luke--the ten of us has grown quite substantially in just five years, really.

Here is a picture of us vacationing together the summer of 2001:

Here we are at one of the weddings this summer:

Here we are this Christmas; we have almost doubled in size, and Melanie is pregnant, so soon there will be nineteen:

It is getting more and more difficult to get all "ten" of us together at the same time. The reality that we are going to be living on the other side of the ocean will likely make it even more difficult. This Christmas we found one evening that we could all get together--we met in Maple Grove at Joel and Crista's, spent a few fantastic hours together, and then, dispersed to our individual holiday plans.

I sure love my family, and you better come and visit me in Czech!!!

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