Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good-Bye Leafmore Court

I just vacuumed the living room for the last time. It's official; we are moving out of our house on Leafmore Court tonight. I'm sitting in an almost empty house waiting for Brian to get back from dropping off the last load to Goodwill. At 2 o'clock this afternoon, I started cleaning an empty house. As I went through each room, I couldn't believe that we have lived in this house for five years. This wasn't Brian and my first home, but almost. We moved here after being married six-months. Don't get me wrong, I was never attached to this house, but I found myself getting very sentimental about it today.

We got our master's degrees here. We made pancakes almost every Saturday morning. I was remembering that our dog was a puppy in this house (thinking about what it would look like if we pulled up the carpet). We transformed the dinning room into an office/baby station and then changed it back. We painted the nursery. We watched our favorite shows. We woke up early, drank coffee, and had quiet time. We decorated for Christmas. We planted the shrubs. Brian took such stinkin' good care of the lawn. We brought Cece home to this house. . . .

So, even though, I honestly am not THAT attached to Leafmore Court. I am sad tonight. Good-bye Leafmore Court; you were very good to us!




  1. Watched the Gators win another National Championship in that house...! We're going to miss you guys, but excited about what's ahead.

  2. Oh... sentimental indeed. I think about leaving our current house sometimes and want to BAWL just thinking about it -- so much LIFE has happened here. Good for you to taking it all in... and how EXCITING that the next adventure starts NOW!!!!

  3. Sad! Yet so exciting! You should see me every time we's pathetic. I take photos of every room (and do I ever look at them again? well..sometimes) It's good to reflect on things-makes us remember how good our Father is :)

  4. I lived in the house for two weeks (and am forever grateful)! Love you guys.


  5. I would bawl my eyes out. Can you send me your new address?

  6. Believe me when I say we will will miss it too!