Friday, November 19, 2010

Mac and Cheese

If you know me well or if you read this blog, you know that I don't LOVE to cook. It doesn't bring me joy or make me feel relaxed to make something from scratch. However, because I like to eat healthy and because we live in the Czech Republic, often I need to make things from scratch. I'm beginning to embrace it.

I love mac and cheese, not Kraft, actually, but Velveeta Shells and Cheese. One summer, when I was an intern in Poland, my mom sent care-packages with me. One for every month. What did I find in the August package? Velveeta Shells and Cheese. I could have cried; I was so excited!

Velveeta Shells and Cheese is not healthy. When I lived in the states, I would have it once every few months, but I always eat green beans with it! (I don't like sweets, at all really, so it is like my chocolate cake.) Well. Cece loves mac and cheese too. I made some for her when we were at Brian's parents house (homemade, but with Velveeta). She just kept asking for more.

Well. We are back in the Czech Republic, and there is no Velveeta to be found. Maybe that's a good thing. So, today, I made homemade, like the kind where you make a cheese sauce with flour, using cheeses that are very easy to find here--Edam and Gouda. Here are the results!




Yes! I had some too!

Living cross-culturally is a funny thing. It gives you this feeling of conquering the world when you do simple things like make mac and cheese. I love it!!!


  1. Cece's hair looks GREAT!! I think the rolling twists with the puffs is my favorite style on her. Good job Mama!!

  2. "conquering the world when you do simple things..." oh lady you hit the NAIL on the head! you are super mish mom, Aleisha! and Cece consistently hits the "cutest smile" mark :)

  3. Love CeCe's hair...super cute! And Mark would be so proud of the mac & cheese thing....interesting combo with the green beans.... :)! We love and miss you all.

  4. Good job!! :) I am not sure if they have parmesan cheese there, but if they do another thing you could try is to mix a tablespoon or so of extra virgin olive oil in the noodles and sprinkle it with about 1/2 cup of parmesan and add a little salt and pepper and basil if you like herbs. I tried this with my girls recently, Kraft mac 'n cheese lovers, and they really liked it. It's not really cheesey like mac 'n cheese, but it's fairly healthy and tastes great :)

  5. yay! you make me smile! so proud of you :)

    p.s. so funny... samuel and evangeline still do their "yoga" moves from when we did it together in your living room! it's so cute.

    p.p.s. i have your (or Cece's) sippy cup. i don't know why i just thought to tell you that.