Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yep! Another post about Cece's hair. If you continue following our blog, you can expect more posts on the subject in the future, I'm sure. Because we are likely departing for Czech the end of February, I wanted to get Cece's hair done before we leave. While I'm hopeful that we'll be able to find a place or even have Emily who already serves with JV in Czech do her hair, I wanted to do it once while I was "at home" to become more familiar with the process.

Well, it turns out the Mouna's, located in down-town Denver, was a cross-cultural experience in and of itself. Some of the "highlights":

When I walked in, I was not greeted at a front desk, instead I talked to the woman lying on the couch about getting my daughter's hair done.

The lady asked me what I would pay. (I had no idea, so I asked her what was reasonable, she gave a price, and I countered. I probably paid more than I need to, but . . . .)

I had to go and get cash out of an ATM before they would start.

I was told to pick out beads; I had no idea how many or how they would be used in her hair.

The lady who was braiding her hair kept picking up the extensions (the hair she was adding) off the floor.

HOWEVER, the lady really knew what she was doing and put up with Cece moving her head quite frequently.

The women did comment on how good Cece was being, and said, "you must do her hair." I was a proud momma!

How long did it take? Over an hour. How did I get Cece to sit still that long? An unmentionable amount of Cheerios.

So without further ado, here is my daughter who went into Mouna's a baby and came out a little girl:









  1. OK I am going to be completely honest......... I LOVE THE BRAIDS......the gold is reminding me of Cleopatra..... but, I LOVE THE BRAIDS!!!!!!! Did I mention "I LOVE THE BRAIDS"

  2. You are a brave mama, too! She is absolutely DARLING!!!! The braids are perfect! And we can't wait to kiss her sweet little face in person! Love you and we're praying for these days....

  3. Yahoo! So cute. Wow. How much of that length is hers and how much of it is the "off the floor" extensions?

  4. Wow! She is beautiful!!! What a cute head of braids!!! I am so glad you did this!

  5. Oh My Goodness! Seriously?! She is out of this world gorgeous. I absolutely love it Leish!

  6. Jasmina and I would like to see a video of her shaking her head. :) Such a cutie! Loved the story about it too.

  7. So cute!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  8. Yeah...what they said (above). Love it. :) --KH

  9. She is a doll. But you know that. I love how you get a free (well, maybe not free) ticket into those fabulous cross-cultural experiences. I love it!

  10. Miss Cece....didn't think it was possible for you to get any cuter!!

    Love and miss you!
    Auntie Gail <3

  11. How beautiful her hair looks and I love the beads! Our prayers are with you all-and once again "go with God!"
    Please pray for Marvin-he had another stent put in his heart today-the Lord was there every step of the way-He's fighting hard to get Marvin's attention! Prayer is the answer!!!!!
    We love you's!
    Sue and Marvin

  12. I love the braids - and the story!!!

    Dave Patty

  13. Have I ever told you that she is absolutely ADORABLE??! I can't wait to meet her when you come! See you soon!!

  14. Good call...I may be bringing my daughters to the same shope some day. I do like the braids!