Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eight Months Old, and "I Will Never"

Cece is eight months old (as of August 10th). After being a mom for eight months, there are definitely some things that make me laugh when I think back to moments in my life when I thought to myself, I will never. . . . Now, I was wise enough to know that my I will nevers were ideals. And, for the sake of humor I have added some things that I have done, but I don't think I ever said I will never; however, it is still surprising to me that it's just normal for certain things to happen.

I will never let my child play with my cell phone (I'm on the landline with an important person, Cece starts to fuss, I hand her my cell phone and say, "here chew on this")

I will never leave the highchair dirty (after cleaning it 100 times, I think to myself, she's going to eat in four hours anyway, no use in cleaning it now)

I will never let my child crawl around on the floor of a store (finding amazing deals at a consignment shop, don't have the stroller, it's in the car, Cece is grabbing at all the hangers, I put her down and smile as she crawls around)

I will never leave food on the floor (do you know how many Cheerios I have picked up in the last two months?)

The list goes on . . .

Some things don't really matter--a few Cheerios on the floor or a drooled cell phone, for example. Some things do though--they matter to me--like that Cece gets good sleep, and that she eats well, and on and on. So, I continue to think about Cece getting older, and my list of I will nevers continues on--I will never let her . . . .


  1. Haha!! I think I have done every single one of those things!!!!!

  2. Oh this is Great! I think you have the right 'things' on your important list though....good sleep....what a gift you have given to CeCe :)


  3. I am the mother of five children from 37 years old down to nineteen years old I have said and done all that you stated and thensome. Being a mother makes you the richest women in the world wouldn't trade one day of the 37 years I have been blessed to be a mom. Hearing my children say mom is still a thrill I journal ,you blog however you do it record every precious moment you can.It will bring you great joy as your child grows. Love to read your blogs don't stop writing Love you guys! Barbara

  4. I'll give you a warning about the cell phone though. Be careful, unless you like replacing cell phones. I've already lost one to a teething mouth; the drool overpowered the electrical system and out it went.