Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I remember watching the Wizard of Oz as a young child. I HATED that movie. Mostly, because I was very afraid of witches. And also, because I just really wanted Dorthy to get home. I just remember feeling "home-sick" for her. "There's no place like home . . . . There's no place like home." The only part of the movie that I really liked was when she was back home safe with Aunt May (?? or Aunt someone).

Well, Minnesota is most certainly my home. I just love so much about it. There is just something about the air--might sound crazy, but I'm telling you it's fresher than most (and yes, it's usually more chilly than most). Being outside in Minnesota just makes me feel happy. Despite being really busy this time, Cece did get a few moments in the Minnesota air, and she got to play with the first fallen-leaves of the season.

As I am thinking about moving to Czech, surprisingly, I'm not overcome with homesickness. That is not to say that I will not experience that emotion and so many more. I probably have no idea "the hard" that I will face, at times. However, I do just want to take a moment to thank God for what he has done the past ten years, to make my moving to Eastern Europe something that I am so, so excited about.

Despite my personality, my deep connection to family, and my love for the Minnesota air, God started a work in me that first summer in Eastern Europe and had me begin to fall in the love with the air there too (despite some heavy pollution in some areas:)).

In all seriousness, besides Minnesota, Eastern Europe is my favorite place on Earth. What a gift! I know the Bible well (I really do:)), and I know that God certainly leads His children to sacrifice, but I also know through the Bible and through my own life, that He really, really loves us. And, He loves me enough to call me to serve Him, but more than that, to call me to serve Him in a place that He has given me a genuine love for.

I'm also wise enough to know, though, that it's not really about geography, but rather about people, and I really, really love the people of Eastern Europe.

I'm also wise enough (or at least beg God to keep reminding me) that I really can't love anyone the way that I should without Him. Please dear God, help me to love others, wherever I am, with your love!!!

(Here I am my second summer in Poland--feeling very at home.)


  1. It produces much joy in my heart to know how excited you are about moving...I think it makes it easier for me to accept :) Love you