Sunday, September 13, 2009


We are continuing our journey to the Czech Republic to serve with Josiah Venture. We have recently updated our website with Frequently Asked Questions. Brian did most of the work on these, and frankly, I think he answered some hard questions really well. Feel free to visit the FAQs section of our website for all of them, but I decided to post some of them on our blog.

Q: Why do you have to raise your own support?

A: From a practical side, we are able to invite the people who have supported us, mentored us, cared for us, and taught us to be part of our team in a way that would not be possible otherwise. This provides a larger number of people to experience the work of God in Eastern Europe in a very personal manner. And we hope that, in turn, expands the number of God’s people who are praying for this area, supporting the work being done in this region, and directly serving through mission work. In addition, we are able to keep you informed of the work we are doing and the fruit that God is blessing Josiah Venture with more directly than the organization can do as a whole.

There is also a very powerful spiritual side of this process that we are only beginning to experience. God will prepare us for the work that we will do as we continue to raise support, and we will learn to trust him in phenomenal ways because we walked this path. We will confirm the calling He has placed in our life as we share our story again and again. We will learn to prayer more fervently, submit more effectively, and hope more boldly. God blesses this process not only because it makes more people aware of the spiritual needs of Eastern Europe, but also because it will more effectively prepare His children to embark on this adventure He has placed in front of us. We believe he loves us that personally that He would use this time to teach us new things.

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  1. dobri den!! This is awesome aleisha! I hope you contine to seek God in all you do!! I'm excited to see that you still want to serve with JV! I would love to serve with them again in the future!