Monday, September 14, 2009

Tractor Ride and FAQs

First, I have to share this photo of Cece with her Grandpa G in Minnesota. She had her first tractor (really lawn mower) ride. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more. I have video of it, which I'm sure to make into a movie that I will likely post--don't you worry.

Next, I wanted to add some other FAQs from our website:

Q: When are you leaving?
A: We really wish we had a definite answer for this. Here is what we do know – we will not join Josiah Venture until we are 100% supported. That means we will need 100% commitment for our monthly needs ($7,400), as well as full support for our outgoing expenses ($55,000). Our goal is to be moving to the Czech Republic in January 2010. We sense urgency in regards to serving with Josiah Venture because of the specific roles they are asking us to do. Our motto right now is “Expectant waiting for God’s movement”.

Q: If I decide to support you on an ongoing basis, when should I start giving?
A: If you can begin your giving as soon as possible, it will allow us to join Josiah Venture sooner. The reason for this is that the funds we receive before we leave for Eastern Europe will go toward our outgoing expenses. For example, if we receive 100% commitment for our monthly support ($7400) today and those supporters begin their giving immediately, then we can expect to join Josiah Venture no later than 8 months from now ($55,000/$7,400 = 7.4 months).

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