Monday, September 14, 2009

Proud Grandmas

I usually try not to post more than once a day. However, as Connie Patty wrote on her blog, "blogging is how I keep track of our life." I'm starting to give myself permission to just post especially when the pictures, videos, or words are pieces of our lives that I want to remember.

Here are some recent pics of some proud grandmas (both Grandma Gs--this is my mom with Cece and this is Kathy with her first grandson, Jackson. Jackson is my cousin, Mark's, son.)

Both Melissa and I (Jackson's mom) are going to have fun buying shoes for these two.


  1. Ahh, you quoted me! What could be a nicer compliment?! :) Sweet photos...glad you posted them! Wow...I sure can't wait to meet that sweet little Cece!!!

  2. You should definitely write on your blog as much as you want, even if it is five times a day. All the really cool bloggers do anyway, so if you want to be a super cool blogger you HAVE to write a few times day, it's required. Obviously I am not a super cool blogger mom yet. :)