Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big day tomorrow

Tomorrow Cece takes her first trip of her life. We are so excited to be able to introduce Cecelia to her family in Minnesota and for Grandma and Grandpa to meet their first granddaughter - I cannot wait for this meeting. Of course, this requires us to get on an airplane with Cece. We have put in place all the necessary precautions - Cece will be in a sling at all times, no one will touch her, I will wave my hands at all times to keep any and all germs away from Cece and Aleisha, and we will pray hard...

That last part is the biggest piece. Please pray with us that Cecelia will make this trip safely and with no sickness. And calm my nerves because I am going to be an annoying daddy tomorrow.

Things with our beautiful girl have been so great this week. Grandma (my mom) has been a blessing to have here with us. On Sunday she bought Cece her first stuffed animal Gator - it will be in proud display on January 8th. Last night Grandma called her own cellphone so she could record Cecelia's "heavy breathing" - it was a great recording.

By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my daughter...

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