Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I finally feel some success in language study! Finally. I just have to share. Brian did this numbers activity with our language helper, Marcela, last week. I was home, so I was listening, and I was thinking--Brian is amazing at language; Aleisha is well, learning.

Brian told me I should try the activity in my language today, but I was thinking--Aleisha is not ready for that!

Well, Marcela and I had fifteen minutes of language left, and she suggested the numbers thing. I was like, fine, I'll do it! Marcela suggested that we do it a little differently than the way Brian had done it; great suggestion. She said a number from the first column (in Czech, of couse), and I pointed to it. I got the first one right, and the second. She moved from column to column saying numbers in Czech. Sure, I missed a few, but as we went through each column, I was able to point to the number correctly, almost every time! Then, she said some two-digit numbers, and I wrote them all down correctly. Ahhh, the joy of FINALLY getting it right! (Don't ask me to say them, yet:)!)



  1. this is EXCELLENT! enjoy the giant gust of wind in your sails, Aleisha!

  2. Big congratulations. I'm TERRIBLE at languages. I'm so excited for you to achieve success!