Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Hair!

I continue to be inspired to press-on trying to learn more and get better at doing Cecelia's hair. I just started following a blog of an African-American women with four "mocha girls", as she calls them. The "Mocha Mom" is very passionate about teaching her daughters to love their natural hair, and she feels like she also needs to teach them how to take care of it. I'm fairly new to this journey, but I also feel like I want Cece to love her natural hair, and that, as her mom, I have to help her know how!

Here's the latest style. I've actually been doing the rolling twists for several months (after a dear hair stylist in Chicago showed me how). They are pretty easy in all actuality, but this time, I did a lot more, so it was a bit more time consuming. I really want to find styles that take under an hour, but . . . . this one does look so cute on her (took a "little more" than an hour--okay, more like, almost two), but I feel like I could have done it faster.



She was being a stinker and not smiling for the camera, so this is right after I had a little chat with her:


But, then, she cooperated:



She's pretty great!



  1. precious, Aleisha. she is just beautiful and i love her happy grin! great job on her hair!

  2. so stinkin' cute! you are doing a FABULOUS job with her hair :)

  3. Good work Aleisha! Cece is just so adorable it doesn't matter what you do to her hair- she will look gorgeous!

  4. Cute! She just has to love her hair with all of your hard work. I can't believe how big she's getting!

  5. You did a great job on your daughter's hair and thanks for supporting Cherish My Daughter!

  6. Good job!!! Wow, I am impressed! :) I love that second to the last picture, she looks gorgeous :)

    My next door neighbor gets her hair done by her mom all the time and last week she did this really cute thing where all the top was braided back about halfway and then the back half was just left to poof, which she then occasionally put into to puff balls - I thought it looked awesome. Have no idea how to do it though :)

  7. Looks good Mama! :o)