Monday, September 6, 2010

The Rumbolds, an Inspiration!

Cece and I went on another mother-daughter adventure last week. Brian was in Romania with Dave, Josiah Venture's President, so I decided to take Cece on an adventure to visit another JV missionary family, the Rumbold's.

The Rumbold family arrived on the field one month before we did. They live on the Eastern side of Slovakia--about a five hour drive away from us. They are literally the only Americans (that they know of--besides one 80 year old man) in the city where they now live. Talk about an inspiration. They are amazing.

The parents are two of the calmest people with five kids that I have ever met. Totally taking this whole cultural transition in stride, even the kids laugh about things that they are faced with. For example, the two oldest boys went to their first day of school with their backpacks full of books (sounds reasonable to me); however, in Slovakia, the custom is for the students to leave their backpacks at home, and bring flowers to their teachers the first day. One of the boys said, "hey dad, how about tomorrow when the rest of the kids bring their backpacks, we'll bring flowers?!"

I have never seen a picture of a family that expresses the heart of a family more than this one (I stole it from their blog).


Cece would like to join this family, I think!





After all, they have a trampoline! :) Cece and I went with them to an English camp follow-up meeting. The oldest kids all sat ever so quietly against the wall, Cece joined them:


Seriously, an inspiration!


  1. Wow! That is DEFinitely inspiring! Thanks for things like this.

  2. So glad some of my favorite people on the planet got to connect with each other. Thanks for posting this.....and my dear Aleisha, you, too, are an inspiration Amy

  3. looks like Cece fits right in there. :) Cute pics...I love being able to stay updated on life outside of my normal!

  4. I love that family! They're awesome! You're awesome too!!! Love having you guys in Frydlant. :)