Thursday, November 3, 2011

Schedule One Week Old

The boys are six months old now, and I'm already forgetting things, but I have a little more time, so I decided to post some of what I do remember, now.

Recently, I came across a note that I had on my phone from when I was in the hospital with the boys. Because they were so tiny, I had to feed them separately. They also weren't latching well, but I needed to try, so I would nurse one, then, supplement with a bottle, nurse the other, supplement, and then pump, so I had milk to give in the following supplements.

Here was the schedule:
5:15am Alex 6:00 Gabe
7:30am Alex 8:00 Gabe
10:30am Alex 11:00 Gabe
1:00pm Alex 1:30 Gabe
4:00pm Alex 4:30 Gabe
6:30 Bath
7:00pm Alex 7:30 Gabe
10:00pm Alex 10:30 Gabe
2:00am Alex 2:15 Gabe

These are some pictures from that time (Alex and Gabe):



I still can't believe they were that tiny, and I can't believe that was the schedule.


  1. wow, that is out of control. kind of happy right now that i get to sleep at night :)

  2. They look so precious! I hope you slept during that 1.5 hr feeding break, but you probably changed diapers and gazed amazingly at them.