Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am so excited about what our church here in Frydlant is doing, and Cece and I got to go check it out last Thursday night.

Several years ago, Josiah Venture started a ministry to reach out to unchurched youth through a network of evangelistic rock/gospel choirs and performing arts groups called “Fusion”.  

Our church here in Frydlant now has a Fusion group. My dear friend, Lauren, is leading the choir. There was so much energy in the room when we were there. I just love this. It's really a brilliant idea. It provides an opportunity for students to be a part of something--a group of young people learning to perform together.  In the context of working together to become a performing arts group, Christian youth and Christian leaders are able to build real relationships with non-Christians and show them the love of Christ.  

Cece has been singing the songs all week.



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  1. That is really neat. A place to belong and learn, faith integrated into something these kids are interested in.