Tuesday, February 28, 2012

living on the wild side-watching white collar

Brian and I were married for almost five years before we had kids. This wasn't our plan. However, now we have three kids, and we love our family. And, I am so glad we had the adventures that we did before kids. In fact, it's easy to miss those days (or at least the adventures). I have a book that chronicles many of the things that Brian and I did together before we had kids.


Before we had three kids, we went to Gator games. We had season tickets to the Bobcats. We went on ski vacations and weekend getaways to Charleston and Savannah. Heck, we went out to dinner at least once a week. Now? Well, we stay home!

What do we do together now? White Collar. Yes, we watch TV. Judge all you want!


As lame as it sounds, Brian and I love watching shows together, and White Collar is our new favorite. Our kids go to be at 8pm, and we are game on until then. Playing, feeding, holding, dancing, reading, cleaning up. That is how we spend the hours of the evening before our kids go to bed. Once our kids are in bed, not every night, but most, on the couch we sink. Every once in awhile, we get crazy, and we stay up until midnight! I know. DANGEROUS! You know why, because our kids wake up at the same time every morning.

I know. We are living the life, right?! Well, we're not doing weekend getaways much these days. Some of that has to do with being missionaries, but we do live a three hour train ride from Prague. If we were clever, we could find ways to see awesome places for rather cheap. No, our reins come from having three kids ages three and under.

On Sunday night though, as Brian and I lived on the wild side, watching three episodes of White Collar until 11:30pm because we just had to find out what happened next, exchanging knowing glances at each other, jumping off the coach in surprise, and both wanting to watch just one more episode, I realized how lucky I am. Even though I'm not going very many exciting places these days, I'm still having so much fun with Brian! It hit me, in almost a comical way, how much I love sharing life with Brian in every season.


  1. First of all: 3 hours? Yeah right! Its takes at least 4.5 hours from your door to Hlavni - unless you are speeding down the road-in which case (the case that I had not considered when I originally read this post) yes it is possible, especially easier late at night when there isn't much traffic!
    And secondly: love White Collar too and love hearing of the fun and excitement that you continue to find in your marriage! Keep livin the life!

  2. WE LOVE WHITE COLLAR!!!! It's seriously our favorite. That, and The Mentalist. And, incidentally, most of our evenings sound just like yours. With three small kiddos I'm just wiped by the end of the day. We, however, never did have that life of fun before kids...unless you consider law school fun. But, we're grateful for the adventures we have had and isn't every day still an adventure? Yes indeed.