Thursday, February 16, 2012

can I tell them apart?

Yes! Yes, of course I can tell my boys apart! (You could too if you just spent five minutes with them. They don't really look alike!)

However, there is a funny thing that does happen to me sometimes that I just have to write about.

The twins take two naps a day. Their morning nap is always a good nap for them. They both fall asleep almost instantly. In fact, it used to be that when I would bring Alex into his bedroom for this morning nap, his body would go limp, he would insert his thumb in his mouth, and he would go into sleep position before I even put him in his crib. Almost every day, I am waking them up from their morning nap so that I have time to feed them lunch before picking up Cece, or just waking them up so they don't sleep too long in the morning. Why? Well, dear friends, it is because the afternoon nap is more important to me--all three sleep then. Frankly, even the dog sleep in the afternoon!

The afternoon nap is a different story. On varying days, either one of the boys struggles a little to fall asleep (it's probably time to shorten the morning nap, but that's pretty important to me too). Sometimes, just chatting or even crying for awhile. Because of this, I separate them for their afternoon nap. In the morning, they both go down in their bedroom, but in the afternoon, one goes in his crib; the other in a pack n play in our bedroom (I switch which one, if I remember correctly, every other day).

Because the afternoon nap is a little less predictable, I will often hear one (or two) chattering, whining, or crying. In my mind, by the sound, I know who it is. I think to myself, Alex isn't sleeping; I wonder if he pooped? Or, I think, Gabe is sure talkative today; I wonder if he'll eventually go to sleep? Most of the time, they both settle down. However, every once in a while enough time goes by, that I decide to go and check, mostly to see if I need to change the one that I'm hearing.

Two times now this has happened to me. Today, this is how it went:

I think I hear Alex. I decide that he probably pooped, and he can't get himself to sleep. I'm going to go in, change him, hold him for a bit, and then, put him back down. So, I start down the hall, open the door of the room that Alex is in and, he's sound asleep!

The first time it happened (it was reversed--I thought I heard Gabe), I may or may not have said a cuss word aloud! I was just so stinkin' suprised!

The reality is that I probably did hear the one that I thought I was hearing at the beginning, but he probably fell asleep, and then, the other one made noises that I thought were his brothers'.

Anyway . . . I guess, sometimes they fool me!

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