Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian; 29 Weeks

First, it's been awhile since we gave an update. That's because we want to do a one-year in Czech update video, which we are working on. So stayed tuned, but as far as the twins go: I am 29 weeks this week. 28 weeks was a big hurdle. The boys have a really great chance now if they come; although, it's still really early, so keep praying they stay where they are! My next appointment is this Thursday.

Now, about Brian and his birthday:

In 2002, A Walk to Remember came out.

I saw it in the theater, twice! That's a tad bit embarrassing. I also read the book, after I saw the movie. If I watched it today, I might throw up! To say that I was a hopeless romantic is probably too strong, but for sure, I had some unrealistic or misconstrued ideas of romance.

At first thought, I wouldn't describe Brian as a "romantic":). Don't get me wrong, I would say a lot of amazing things about him, but "romantic" isn't the first adjective that comes to mind.

Yesterday was Brian's birthday. What happened yesterday sort of epitomizes what I am experiencing this year that is totally redefining romance for me.

It's no secret that this has not been an easy pregnancy for us. While we continue to live by faith and with a great amount of hope, I would be lying if I said I never worry. Yesterday was one of those days--not long after Brian left for the office, I started to get light-headed and dizzy. Mostly, out of concern for poor Cece if her mother passed out, I called Brian. He immediately came to work from home, he really didn't let me do anything all day, he took care of Cece, he talked me out of two emotional break downs, and he made his own birthday dinner!

Yesterday did not go as planned--I wanted it to be "all about Brian", but it wasn't. So, I just wanted to post this, so Brian, mostly, would know how great I think he is and to know that he should be celebrated!

I often wonder if the 20 something Aleisha would have understood all this--maybe. I'm not sure though. Oh, how thankful I am that Brian "walked" into my life and taught me a thing or two about "romance". Happy birthday, Brian; I sure love you!

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  1. Love the "romantic" story! So much more meaningful than the sappy stuff the movies define as romance.

  2. Crying. THIS is marriage. Hands down. THIS is marriage. BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Awe! What a nice guy you have!! So glad that you found such a great guy :) We are blessed women! I hope that our sons grow up to be exactly like their fathers.

  4. Isn't real life so much better than the movies? Thanks for sharing! - Kristin

  5. THIS is the kind of story that melts my heart :)

    Happy Birthday Brian!

  6. I love the picture of you and Brian but I mostly love the expression on the man's face to the right of Brian :-)
    Thanks for the update on our little men :-) Every time I see my mom, "Have you heard an update from Aleisha?"...never fails....every time...and I see her at least 3 times a week :-)
    So, now I can tell her that our boys are 29wks. and you are doing good!
    Love you
    What a guy you have Aleisha!

  7. Brian, I am glad to see you are all doing well. We miss you at basketball :)

    Anthony Scott