Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Weeks and MRI

Here's our latest e-mail update:

Dear Friends and Family,

This Thursday, I will reach 30 weeks. 11 weeks ago, at week 19, I had laser ablation surgery to save the lives of our twin boys. As the weeks go by, some of the urgency that we were feeling 11 weeks ago goes away, but certainly we have not forgotten the seriousness or our situation. Tomorrow, we have an MRI. This will tell if the twins have any brain damage as a result of TTTS. We will get likely get those results next week.

Please pray that we would continue to be strong, to have great hope, and to be faithful to Christ no matter what. Please pray that these baby boys would not be born too early and that they would be healthy.

32 weeks is a the next "big hurdle". We are so very close!

Thank you, again, for all your love and support. We have experienced Christ's love through His people in deep ways; we are so grateful!

Much love,
Aleisha (for all of us)

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  1. All the best...Aleisha! Don't worry..Sure you will get what you are expecting from your little kid in your womb. I pray for U. By the way U r looking great in BLACK..!