Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ultrasound One-email 4

We just wanted to send another quick update to let you know that we had our first ultrasound post surgery this morning. The doctor told us that they are very happy with the results. The smaller baby is peeing a little bit; the doctor said that was good, and the amount of fluid in his sack is growing--another good sign. The larger baby is doing good as well. We have one more ultrasound tomorrow morning; after that, I will be released from the hospital, and we fly back to Czech on Tuesday.

I have never in all my life experienced this kind of love and support from a group of people believing in the power of Christ's redemption. There really are no words; just tears that I wish you could see to communicate how much we appreciate how you all have stood with us through some of the most difficult, yet beautiful days in our lives! Oh, I just wish I could hug you all!

Much, much love,
Aleisha (for all of us)


  1. precious sister, i am SO thankful the LORD kindly is taking care of you! you and your sweet family are so loved and prayed for, also by us in japan :) rest well and we are praising God for continued health. i am truly amazed by your story!

  2. Our God is so great and so good!
    The body of Christ on her knees is a beautiful thing and, believe me, it is equally as sweet a blessing to see God answer the cry of my heart for your family, as it is for you to have it answered.
    You are loved dear ones. I am encouraged today!