Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ultrasound 3

Today we got a really great report from the ultrasound specialist. First, as soon as the doctor put that magic wand on my belly, Brian and I said almost in unison, "their bladders are both full." The doctor laughed and said, "you must be experts; there are doctors who can't tell that." I think he was exaggerating on our behalf, but none-the-less. So, both babies are peeing well! Their amniotic sacs are almost the same size now. And, the "doppler" issue, which was described to us in more detail today, is not showing up anymore, which is a good thing! The doctor said, "today, things look good."

My brother Rollie said to me today, "there are some things in life that rationale can't teach you." I feel like this last week has been a culmination of almost three years of trying to better understand faith and God's "will". I have read books, heard sermons, listened to podcasts, and read God's word. All of which have been really helpful. I was learning, but I was in one of the first stages of understanding, and I just couldn't put it all into words.

Then, in one week, we lived what I had been trying to put into words for the past three years. Tonight, as I finally described some of it to my brother, I found myself beaming because I was able to articulate some new things that I believe about faith and how God works. They really aren't so profound, but new to me in the deepest parts of my soul.

Right now, Brian is making Nestle chocolate chip cookies (the chocolate chips are imported from the states:)), which is really one of only three desserts that I like. Cece, after carefully examining the "owie" on my stomach and saying, "looks better", is tucked into bed. And, I am feeling really thankful--both for the good news of ultrasound number 3 (only 8 or so more to go), and thankful for a new understanding of what it means to have faith.

Like we've been saying, we don't know the outcome, and we still have a long road ahead, but what we do want is to amaze God with our faith in the process. Thank you for standing firm with us in faith and for praying on our behalf! Please keep praying--8 more ultrasounds to go!

With love,
Aleisha (for all five of us)


  1. Amazing Aleisha! Your story has and will encourage and bring people into the kingdom who would never before realize how amazing and personal God is! We love you guys and are continuing to pray for your and Brian's sweet little boys!!

  2. That is just great news!! Prayers for your family continue...

  3. So glad to hear all is well with your soul and your belly as well. : )

  4. I agree with Casey... May this be a story that generations will tell about God's personal touches in our lives!