Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Brothers' Festival

If I were a historian, perhaps this post would share some background information about the Czech/Polish Festival we attended in Cesky Tesin, a city near ours. However, this post will focus, instead, on the awesomeness of Cece's expression when she is wearing sunglasses. (I think it actually has to do with her trying to keep them from falling off her face, but her bottom lip comes out, and it is the greatest thing I have ever seen!)



She also started dancing to the music, but she kept her cool:


"Whoah" (Noah) took her on a ride:


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  1. I swear, never has anything so sweet been captured before. I sort of want to eat her. (is that wrong?) :) God's blessing are amazing are they not???!!!
    I once heard it said that "Having children is monument us, from the day they are born your heart walks outside of your own body.”

    I think it's true. She's so lovely.