Monday, June 28, 2010

Rolling Twists

It is forever my ambition to learn more ways to style Cecelia's hair. I recently came across a mom who makes videos while doing her daughters' hair. I got really excited and inspired, but when it came time to actually try it, as you may guess, it was hard (for me) to figure out. Well, with a little help from my dear fellow-JV missionary friend, Emily, we have a good start.

Here is Emily doing Cece's hair this weekend. She did these rolling twists into puffs. It was her very first time doing Cece's hair, but she used to do hair for a living, so her learning curve is a tad smaller than mine.



Because it was her first time, it already needed to be redone today. So, I stuck in a DVD, camped Cece in front of the TV, and went at it (took me an hour and 50 minutes). Thankfully, Emily had the parts already done, so I just redid the twists. It is by no means amazing, but I did these flat-rolling twists that are supposed to stay in for awhile. I'm really excited about them because I think they look really cute (especially the ones I've seen online), and if I learn to do them well, I can go longer without doing her hair. Of course, I had to share--my first time with rolling twists:






  1. Awesome! They look really great! I just can't believe that you can get her to sit still for almost two hours....good thing I don't have to roll and twist Jack's hair!!!

  2. They do look great Aleisha!! Keep it up!

  3. for the first time they look professional to me. I think it is great that you are learning to style her hair. she has such great hair to style and you will have lots of fun with it I know. You are a great mommie :)

  4. emily the hairdresserJune 28, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    GREAT job! I can't wait to keep going!!!

  5. As a hairdresser who was never really able to master that type of styling, I think you did amazing!!! great job.

  6. Super cute! I love the roll-y twists :) I could not get my kids to sit still that long either...maybe Tryn, but definitely not Berlin :)

  7. oh my cuteness!!!! You did an excellent job! she is such a doll, and the hair looks great :)

  8. I'm with everyone else on the patience factor. If I vice-grip her with my knees, I can get my daughter still for, maybe, 5 minutes. You are awesome. Great work!

  9. I cannot BELIEVE you can do that yourself -- amazing, girl! Be PROUD! Smile.