Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Attempt at Cece's Hair

I have had curly hair my whole life. I used to hate it when my mom did my hair. I'm sure I started doing it "myself" when I was very little. Oh, my poor mother--I grew up in the 80s, so here I was an elementary school girl trying to do big hair and big bangs. I'm sure she would have just loved it if I would have let her put pigtails in my hair, but I wouldn't have it:). So, today, despite my own disdain for having my hair done, I put Cece through the process. She did not like it, but the end product was so worth it. She's smiling:)! I just can't believe how much older she looks. The part is a little crooked, and she has some fly aways, but after some practice, I'm sure we'll get it. I wonder if she will ever like getting her hair done? Hmmm . . . probably not:)!


  1. Meh. Crooked/messy parts are totally in. Perfect parts, in fact, are not. She is so in style :)

  2. So cute! You did a great job with the pig tails - and the dress and smile top it all off. Beautiful little girl!! I concur with Heidi that straight parts are not in at all.