Monday, June 15, 2009

Cece's friend/other mom Eleanor!

Cece has a friend named Eleanor!  She is the daughter of our dear friends, the Burdette's.  Eleanor, from the time Cece was a tiny, tiny baby, has been all about "Baby Cece".  We don't even see the Burdette's all that often--probably about once or twice a month, but when we're together, Eleanor is so precious.  She helps me feed her--holds the bottle.  Informs me of spit up or tells me that Cece is crying.  Eleanor even drew a picture during Sunday school--it included her mommy, her daddy, "Uncle Brian", "Rice"--that's the Sunday school teacher's understanding of "Leish", and sure enough, "Baby Cece".  (Oh, and I had to include this pic of Brian and Cece sleeping.)

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