Monday, March 30, 2009


These last few weeks, I have been taking Cece all over the country (well, just to MN and to Myrtle Beach), but last weekend, Cece stayed with Daddy while I worked on finishing my grad school work. He took care of her all day and managed to clean the garage and mow the lawn. I'm starting to feel a little pressure:)! I just love that I can leave her with him. I always knew he would be a great dad, but I didn't know how great! One of the pieces of advice that I have gotten is to let Daddy be Daddy--meaning, he might do things a little differently, but that's good. In fact, someone told me that they read somewhere that children that spent quality time with just dad ended up being more intellegent. Part of the reason is that they learned how to be logical and how to solve problems. Cece doesn't stand a chance of not being logical and learning how to solve problems with her Dad around!!! I even think that's how he makes his living??!! Anyway, I was gone Saturday morning, and he got her bathed, dressed, and even did her hair, but she was so tired she couldn't stay awake for me to see her! That's why he took this video!

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