Monday, January 9, 2012

one year ago

Dear Friends and Family,

One year ago, I was laying in a hospital in Belgium recovering from a laser ablation procedure that saved the lives of these two boys (Gabe on left; Alex on right)!

I remember laying in that hospital bed hoping with everything in me that these two little boys would make it (if you want to read what Brian wrote that day, click here). I didn't know that Gabe would be the jolly one, and that Alex would be super focused. I didn't even know what there names would be. And, now here they are a year later almost nine months old scooting all over my living room. Alex playing with anything that makes noise, and Gabe looking for anything that would appear to be off limits (cords, outlets, books, the kleenex box). As you can see from the pictures, they are "all boy"--stretched out shirts, drool all over, food stains from lunch.

Most days feel pretty "normal"--whatever that means with a three year old and nine month old twins. However, today, I stopped and looked at them, and remembered one year ago, and I just had to write to say thank you, and to take a moment to praise God for this miracle!

As Cece says, "they are so cute, don't you just want to eat them?"

We love you,

Aleisha (for all five of us!)

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