Saturday, December 17, 2011

not quite what Cece thought

We took all the kids to the Ostrava Christmas market today. Cece saw this ride, and she got really excited to go on it. It was 20 kc, which is like one dollar, so we, as her parents, were like, "sure"! Her reaction was priceless!

Brian putting Cece on the ride: IMG_4934

Cece's anticipatory look:

Her fake smile:

The boys waiting for her: IMG_4939

Brian realizing this is not going to go well: IMG_4945

All of the sudden, we hear, "I want out!": IMG_4946

This is her on the word, "out": IMG_4948

Here she is really happy on solid ground feeding a goat! IMG_4954

(She did finish the ride; took some parental cheering her on, high fives, and jumping around, but she made it.)

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