Monday, April 18, 2011

Update on the Twins

Hello friends and family...

This baby update is coming from Brian. Today we are celebrating 33 weeks and 4 days. Just 14 weeks ago we were clinging to the words "mildly optimistic", and now we are preparing our house (and our lives, as much as one can) for two little boys to come home. The doctor in Belgium had told us that the median date of delivery for TTTS babies is 32 weeks. My little boys are already over-achieving.

A few weeks ago we had an ultrasound, and I asked the doctor how he thought things were going and when the boys would be coming. He said that there is no known neurological damage, the babies are still growing, and all the dopplers are in normal range - and then he said, "The laser surgery seems to have been perfectly done." He then sent us on our way and told us to get things ready.

This week, we had another ultrasound (we have honestly lost count). Within the first 30 seconds of the ultrasound he said, "Looks like we have 3 more weeks to go." There was a little part of Aleisha that hoped he would say they needed to come out immediately (!), but most of all we were just shaking our heads and marveling at the fact that these two boys are actually going to get to full-term - 36 weeks! Aleisha currently has 8 pounds of babies in her, and the boys are about 200-400 grams apart on weight. She has no indication of pre-term labor, and the doctor seems very confident that we will be making a scheduled trip in the first week of May to have a c-section.

We have one more ultrasound in two weeks, and we will set the official date at that appointment!

We can't wait to share more pictures with you all, but we managed to get this one of the "bigger baby" at our last appointment:

Thank you for your support and your love,
Brian (for all five of us)

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  1. I knew you were going to make it 36 weeks! God is so amazing!! I am so thankful that He answered a resounding yes to this prayer request.