Thursday, April 28, 2011

Five Days Old: Update on Gabe and Alex

I'm just outside the NICU writing this post on my iPhone. Not the ideal, but I wanted to take a moment to send an update. Yesterday, I was released from the hospital, but the boys were not ready to come home yet. It was a very emotional and exhausting day for us. However, today is much better!

Even when I was in the hospital, I was only spending day-time hours with the boys. Going back and forth from the NICU to see the boys, change them, and try to nurse (taking turns between boys each time). Then, returning to my room to pump, so that my milk would come in. The last time I was seeing them was the 6pm feeding- then, back to my hospital room for the evening. While the level of care in the NICU has been and is fabulous, the hospital rooms and bedside manor are a little drab! I have some really funny stories to share as time allows, but if you want to really test your second language abilities, get pregnant with twins who have TTTS, have them prematurely in the country of the second language via c-section; however, I recommend another way!

So I left the hospital last night with several tears, but I was able to sleep in my own bed, see my daughter, and pump in my own home!

Status on the boys:
I got here this morning to hear some encouraging news. The babies have been under the blue light because of * (a word that I can't seem to spell correctly, but makes their skin yellow-very common in premature babies). They have both have infusions because they need nutrients and are not eating enough. However, the doctor told me this morning that their billirubion-sp? levels are down so they will be done with the blue light tomorrow. Gabe will not need his infusion after today, and hopefully, Alex won't need his after tomorrow. From the NICU, the boys will go to interim care for a week, most likely, and then if not sooner, we hope and pray HOME.

I'm coming here to the hospital every day from 10am-6pm, and Brian is at home with Cece. Although, I'm sure in the next week that we'll get someone to watch Cece for a few hours, so Brian can come too!

Thank you so much for your prayer; we really do need strength. While there is so much to be thankful for, this is hard. We are all exhausted. While the next several days will be hard for us, we have so much hope, and we are so thankful that Gabe and Alex made it into the world as well as they did!!


  1. Wow, Aleisha! I'm so happy for you, but I feel your pain and exhaustion! I'm praying that you'll be able to bring your babies home sooner rather than later. I understsand what it's like to visit your babies in the hospital, though James was only there for a week and, even then, from the time I was discharged to when he came home was only a couple of days. I'm so glad they're doing well, though, and soon, by God's grace, you'll be home with them and be able to relax (a little - I can't imagine the business of having twins, no matter what their health status!). Love, Melanie

  2. Praise the Lord!!!!!! SO THANKFUL THEY ARE HERE!!! AND HEALTHY!!!!!! Rejoicing with you. We serve a God who most certainly MIGHTY TO SAVE. Love to you guys. LOVE amber

  3. Derek had jaundice too and had to spend time under the lights. It was heartbreaking to see him under those lights because he cried the whole time. But the good news is, it's an easily treatable condition. Derek had his blood tested regularly for a week but then was fine. In a short time, your boys will clear the jaundice and none of the annoyance/heartache of dealing with the treatment will matter. Glad they're doing well and that you guys have so much support!