Monday, December 6, 2010

Cecelia's Birthday Surprise

When Brian and I were first married, I bought him a golden retriever for his birthday. We loved our dog.

Christmas Picture 2006

Zory, named after a Polish city, never made it over here. Brian's brother took care of her while we were moving and offered to keep her. It was a very hard decision to decide not to bring her over here. The combination of her age and the cost of flying her over here were our reasons.

Well. Cecelia (probably like most kids her age) loves dogs. We actually were going to wait awhile before getting a dog here, but we got an offer we couldn't resist.

A few years ago, the Ellenwoods bread their labradoodle. They donated one of their puppies to a lady in the Czech Republic who uses these dogs to help children with disabilities. This lady just bread that dog and offered the Ellenwoods a free puppy, that they offered to us. So, here's Cecelia's birthday surprise!

Cecelia's Birthday Surprise from Aleisha Stephens on Vimeo.