Saturday, April 5, 2014

my travel companion

Up until I got married, all of my international traveling was with my cousin, Melanie. Heck, most of my traveling in general was with Melanie. Her and I went to Poland together for the first time in 1998, and we visited Prague together in 2002, which was my second summer as a JV intern. A few weeks ago, she came to visit me, and we got to go back to Prague together, just the two of us. What a sweet time it was!

   Here we are in Prague in 2002:

Here we are in Prague a week ago:
Our first two summers in Poland were spent serving with Greg and Heidi Carlson in Torun, Poland. They now live just over the CZ boarder, so Melanie and I were able to go to their house for lunch.

I loved having my travel companion back. Where to next, Mel?

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