Friday, May 11, 2012

it costs something

We have served as missionaries with Josiah Venture for two years now. Let me tell you, I miss my family so much sometimes that I feel physically ill. Now, I've just made my mom cry, probably Brian's mom too.  Because when I say "family", I mean his too. In fact one of Brian's sisters usually just tells people that I am her sister, until it gets confusing, then she just tells them that I married her brother, and she likes me better!

Okay, maybe Brian's mom is laughing now; my mom is probably still crying! But, it's true, I miss them like crazy. One of my brothers hasn't even met my boys yet, and none of Brian's siblings have! 


On the other hand, when I say that I love living here, I really mean it. We have a great life, and we feel honored to be serving with JV. I still miss my family, though, and I miss my dear friends.

Today, I was on a walk. Now, when you see these pictures, if you're like my other my brother, you might think, Buck up, Aleisha; you live in an incredible place. It's true! It's incredible (in the summer)! However, I still miss people, so much that it hurts, really hurts.


However, today, on my walk with my sleeping boys, I was reminded of the reality that it costs. It costs to be a missionary. That's just true. And, my Father in Heaven knows that it costs, but He is still asking me to be here. I walked by house after house, and I thought about what it means to be a part of the work God is doing in this part of Europe. I am glad that I am here.

Jesus is really teaching me about living in community with people as we serve Him. It costs something though, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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  1. We miss you all too. You are doing a beautiful thing and you are such a strong woman. I admire so many of your strengths and what you are doing for Europe.