Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ultrasound Update

Dear Friends and Family,

I have had two ultrasounds this week (that brings the current total to 16 ultrasounds and counting). At Tuesday's ultrasound, the Doppler readings for both babies were the same as they were last week, which was a good sign. What both Dr. Block (from MN) and colleagues of Dr. Deprest (Belgium) said is that they would be concerned if the bigger baby's reading continued to increase and the smaller baby's dropped.

We went back again today, and all the Dopplers were in the "normal" limits! Everything else looked good as well, except the doctor was a tiny bit concerned about the level of amniotic fluid in the sac of the smaller baby. However, he said it is not something to be concerned about at this point because both babies are growing well. The doctor also said, "as you know because of all that you've been through, this pregnancy is complicated, and we are watching everything, so there will be concerns that we will continue to monitor." I think that says it well; we're probably not going to get a "your babies are doing great" until they are born! How many more weeks do we have to wait again?! :)

In the meantime, we are moving forward with hope. While Brian was in the states, his mom came to stay with Cece and I. She worked almost the whole time:)! This is what she worked on (Cece added the finishing touch of a stuffed animal for each "brodder"):

She also got some quality time with Cece! We are so thankful for her!

Thank you again for standing with us and for your prayers!
Aleisha (for all of us)

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  1. The room looks great!! It was so fun meeting Brian's mom and then taking her to the train the day she left. :) She's great! I can't wait to see the boys when they come. :)