Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back Home from the States

This past month, we were in the states. Brian's parents had their 50th wedding anniversary, so we went to celebrate with them (a special thanks to Brian's siblings for making that possible). In addition, Brian also attended the Josiah Venture board meeting, we spent some time in Minnesota with my family, and Cece and I went to Charlotte and saw her birth family.

We are working on our November Update email that includes more about our trip to the states, and what it is like for us to be back home in Czech (and pictures:)). If you are not receiving our update mails, but you would like to, please email me: What is the difference between our blog and our update emails? Because the blog is viewable to "the world", our update emails are a little more personal and focus on our life and ministry here in Czech as we serve with Josiah Venture.

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