Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Normal Day

First off, this is Aleisha; Brian has been dominating in the blogging arena, so I need to step up my game. Whew! What a first month Cece has had. She has traveled across the country, been visited by many friends and family. She is having her fourth shower today, and she's only four weeks old. All of this adventure has really made us feel like a family. I was going to do a light-hearted blog about a normal day today, but I find myself sitting here with tears in my eyes because the reality that we really are a family has really sunk in. I just LOVE it!

Okay, so normal life. Really normal life for me as a mom started Monday. So, I thought I'd give a snap-shot into a day in the life of Cece. (Not all the details, don't worry, and don't get too excited, there's mostly sleeping). Sleeping. She is doing a really good job of putting herself to sleep. I took some pictures, so you could see how it works. First, she's awake, then, she cries (don't worry Grandmas it lasts five to fifteen minutes max), then, she's asleep. (Well, mostly it works like that.)

I know these pictures are not that exciting, so I will take more today. Also, all the MN pics are on Grandma Gaalswyk's camera, so I need to walk her through how to send them to me--give us a few days:)!

Okay, more to come today . . .

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  1. Hi Aleisha, Saw your blog via Facebook: what a wonderful time for your and your husband. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl. Look forward to reading more about her!! Take care, Heather